La Bougainvillea is in harmony with the environment and cultural surroundings, readily accessible to knowledge-seeking international travelers looking for an enlivened and extraordinary experience as the fresh alternative to typical destinations that offer little nourishment for the mind, body and soul.
  • The future master plan will include private estates homes, oceanfront villas, hilltop villas and eco bungalows.
  • Expect a hybrid of design, architecture and innovation. The property will incorporate mostly natural elements and shapes to create self-sustainable luxury.
  • The design will bring guests together, such as with our open-air meditation gazebo on the ocean. This public gathering area, sunrise and sunset meditation deck, and general yoga areas are situated in one of the most magical pieces of land on our planet. Its unique qualities make it perfect for this type of transformational work where energy and activity emanate through the soul organically.
  • We will partner with renowned holistic doctors, and institutions such as the Chopra Center and many more to pool intellectual resources for our space and events to be enjoyed by visitors and local community residents alike.
  • Mind | Body | Soul
  • Our goal is to push the envelope to the next level of sustainability, community and inner healing by integrating and realizing a wellness retreat concept that is the embodiment of Enlighted ideals; as a fully functional and efficient eco-system on its own.
La Bougainvillea will soon become a worldwide destination where souls come to get closer to themselves, their community and nature while realizing their full human potential. It is beyond a checklist of building materials to be a life force of body, consciousness and building, a living organism on its own to foster and inspire.
In just a few years, this island retreat will be known throughout the world because of its enlightened uniqueness, and world-class workshops, yoga, rejuvenation classes and paradigm-shifting speakers.
All areas of the property will remain in its natural habit and sacred surroundings. The resort will be a full-sensory experience, with the sounds of nature and the ocean permeating everywhere. The rooms will each be presented with aromatherapeutic scents that stimulate the mind and spirit.
La Bougainvillea’s Wellness Spa will be a healing sanctuary offering and array of treatments, energy healing modalities, herbal bath rituals, body treatments, cleanses and detox programs, as well as many more relaxing and enlivening spa rituals designed to cleanse body and spirit.
Eleuthera Island excursions include Blue Holes, Ancient Cave hikes, World Class Surfing, Fishing, Kayaking, Kite Surfing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Yoga Paddle Boarding,
La Bougainvillea will be a haven for fashion photographers, commercial shoots for film and television, and other types of production. La Bougainvillea will offer in-house production services attracting fashion shoots from around the world.